Open Forum

Tuesday, Jul 29, 2014 - 6pm ET

What is the Catholic position on people having the stigmata? And did the teaching on it change during either of the Vatican councils?

A deacon said Mass at our Church on Sunday because there was no priest. There was no consecration. Could I have received communion there?

What is the Church's position on the heresy of Americanism?

Are prayers said at shrines or the rosary more powerful than personal prayers?

How can you explain to an atheist the killing of an entire race by God in the Old Testament?

Can you explain the compatibility of God’s omnipotence and omniscience and that relates to predestination?

What is the Catholic understanding of the word “Conception” with regards to the “Immaculate Conception”?

I teach my son that we need to go to Mass every Sunday, but this past week the priest said we didn’t have to go every Sunday. I’m confused. What is the Church’s teaching on this?

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