Open Forum

Thursday, Jul 10, 2014 - 6pm ET

What can the priest reveal to authorities if he hears a crime in the context of confession?

Council of Florence said Jews and Muslims cannot be saved. How could a council pronounce an error like this if the Holy Spirit was guiding it?

I’m reading a book, Preparing for Eternity by Mike Gendron, by an Evangelical Protestant in which the author claims that it is in fact Jesus who will step on the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15). How do I refute that?

I have a girlfriend of 11 years, and we have two children together, and we are living together. Is it ok to continue living together without marrying her?

Throughout the gospels, Jesus would perform miracles and tell people to not tell anyone about them. The people always did anyway, though. Why would Jesus tell them not to announce His miracles to the world?

How did God form the universe? Where was He during the time of creation? Where is heaven exactly?

Does the Catholic Church see the Eastern Patriarchs as true patriarchs? If so, how is it that the Church can have Councils after the Schism that don’t include those patriarchs?

Since Jesus was conceived without sin and is God, why did he need to be baptized?

Where can I find the modern day teaching of the Catholic Church on money lending? Is it okay to lend money with interest?

I have a brother who is a fallen away Catholic who wants to know where the historical proof is, outside of the Bible, that Jesus existed?

 I was wondering why there is language in the Mass (2nd Eucharistic prayer) about meriting eternal life?

 I was wondering where I can find a Catholic therapist in New Mexico.

 During the Bread of Life Discourse, Jesus said that the Israelites who ate manna still died but if whoever eats His Body and Blood will have eternal life. Does this mean that the people who ate manna will never have eternal life and a resurrected body?

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