Open Forum

Thursday, Jun 19, 2014 - 6pm ET

I’m non-denominational and I’m thinking about becoming Catholic. Where did the non-denominational faith come from?

Why do Catholics pay money to offer a Mass?

If Jesus was sinless, why did some of the things he said sound short or even rude? If I said some of those things it seems it would be a venial sin.

Why doesn’t the Catholic Church do more to discipline or correct politicians who contradict Church teaching?

In Matthew, at the feeding of the four thousand, why would the disciples ask how they’re going to feed all the people, when they had already witnessed the feeding of the five thousand?

Is it okay to call Jesus “Father”?

How can we respond when someone asks us “what is the gospel?” What is a foundational response we can give?

What is praying in tongues and where did it come from?

I’ve seen your blog post on laymen using the orans position at the Our Father. What should I do when our church is having us do the orans position during the Our Father?

My fiancé follows a protestant pastor with a strange theology on healing, as if one can kind of command a healing. What is a Catholic response to this?

Annulments: What You Need To Know
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