Open Forum

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 7pm ET

Can Christ remove his real presence from the Eucharist? For example, in the case of a consecrated host being used at a Satanic mass?

What would be one thing I could to do help convince my Catholic friends that they should believe in the teaching of the Church and live by them?

Can a Catholic be a Darwinian?

On Holy Thursday, instead of washing 12 people’s feet, our priest washed the hands of all the people in the church. Was this okay?

In the Council of Jerusalem Peter decided that new gentile converts did need circumcision, they just needed to abstain from meat offered to idols. Why doesn’t it say they need baptism? Also, we believe that infants don’t have to believe when they are baptized because they are not capable of belief. Are there any other scripture references where Jesus does not make someone do something they are not capable of?

Twice in the past month I’ve received communion on the tongue and immediately afterward the priest wiped his hand off on his vestment. This troubled me; am I overreacting? Can you comment on this?

Why are Catholics against freemasonry?

I read that when the body dies, the soul dies until the resurrection. This doesn’t sound right to me. Can you explain?

What are the differences between Protestant and Catholic views of predestination?

”This Is My Body”: Did Jesus Mean What He Said? - Staples vs. Barnes - A Debate
Catholic Answers apologist Tim Staples heads Down Under to defend the Real Presence in this stirring debate with Rev. Peter Barnes, Australia’s leading Evangelical controversialist. Recorded live in the city of Blacktown, New South Wales, ”This Is My Body”: Did Jesus Mean What He Said? is a classic duel between Catholic belief in the Eucharist and Reformed Protestantism’s purely symbolic “Lord’s Supper.”