Open Forum

Thursday, Apr 3, 2014 - 7pm ET

Does God know when I will die? It is already planned? If so, where is our free will?

There is a bishop’s quote floating around online. It essentially says that if you pray the rosary, you will have less sin in your life. But can we ever be free from sin? Also, I feel that when I go to confession, I always confess the same things. Am I doing something wrong?

1 Corinthians 3:15, my pastor spoke regarding the beam of judgment, while I interpret as a passage referring to purgatory. Can you explain this passage for me?

Have the practices of receiving communion in the hand and allowing female altar servers been given permission by the pope to appease dissident bishops?

What is the church’s response on the Protestant claim that the pope is the anti-christ and a false prophet?

A friend of mine had an abortion when she was a teenager. She is fearful of going to confession because she heard she can be excommunicated for having an abortion. I am hoping to get some insight on this for her.

Two of my friends who are Protestant were baptized when they were infants and again as adults, since they felt they better understood their faith and should be baptized a second time. I am wondering what my reaction should be to this practice, as a Catholic. In other words, what is the Catholic point of view on Protestant practice of being baptized twice?

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