Open Forum

Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014 - 7pm ET

In Matthew Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but when is it okay to defend yourself?

Why does one receive a plenary indulgence when one receives a blessing from a newly ordained priest?

My daughter was married in the Catholic Church. Now she and her husband are going to a non-denominational church. They just had a baby. They are going to have a dedication for the baby but not a baptism. How should I approach this situation?

How do I respond to my Calvinist friend who says that 1 Timothy 3 Paul says a bishop must be a husband of one wife?

Can I be a godparent if I’m married only civilly? We have started the process of becoming married in the Church?

Should I stay friends with a Christian woman who has taken dirty photos of herself for her husband?

How do you explain the immortality of the soul?

I think the Bible talks about testing things. How do I test things to make better decisions?

If there was an invalid marriage taking place, should a photographer not take pictures for it, or caterers not cater it?

I’m a catechist and I find it hard to explain to young people getting confirmed how to die for their faith.

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