Open Forum

Thursday, Mar 20, 2014 - 6pm ET

In the case of a miscarriage where does the baby go? Also, why wasn’t it sinful for Jesus to overturn the tables of the moneychangers?

“1:19 Ministries” (an anti-Catholic organization that is active on YouTube) claims that Christmas and Easter are pagan holidays due to their pagan origins. What is the Catholic church’s stance?

Will we have free will in Heaven?

How can I explain the concept of prayer to an atheist?

There was a recent archeological discovery in Jordan that has been named the  “Gabriel Stone”. I was wondering if you know anything about this object.

My wife and I are having trouble discerning when is the right time to add another child to our family.

My wife is not Catholic and one of her arguments as to why the Catholic Church is not the true Church is based on the statement made by Paul, “let no man tell you what is good to eat”. How can I respond to this argument? Secondly, how did the Church come to the ruling that missing church on Sunday is a mortal sin?

Do you have any book recommendations for family members that have fallen away from the Church? They have become interested in conspiracy theories and identify as Sedevacantists. 

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