Open Forum

Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 - 6pm ET

What is the lay Catholic’s response to various Christian business' who refuse their services to people they believe are living in sin? What is our role as lay Catholic business people. Example: a homosexual couple goes to a bakery for a wedding cake.

I was abused by family members. I am converting to Catholicism, currently in RCIA. I am having trouble forgiving my family members. Part of me doesn’t want to let them back into my life.

What is the Church’s teaching on ghosts, aliens, and those claiming to have a near death experience?

A youth group portrayed themselves as homeless teens and used the funds they earned to repair a poor, parish family’s home. Is this moral? What are your thoughts on this?

My 10-yr old broke my statue of a saint. I want to know how I am meant to dispose of a sacred item, such as this?

“The Son of God became man, so that we might become God” - St. Athanasius, is a quote in my rosary booklet. I always stumble over it. This seems like such a strange thing to say. Can you help me understand?

I am curious if the Book of Enoch and the apparitions of Garabandal are credible Catholic sources.

My grandma is into the Divine Will Movement and Luisa Piccarreta. It seems very strange to me. I wanted to get your opinion.

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