Open Forum

Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014 - 7pm ET

I understand that a Catholic can believe in a young earth or an old earth theory of creation. I was watching the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate last night. Ken Ham says that a person has to believe in a six 24-hour day creation, because then death and disease couldn’t have been in the world before the fall. How can a Catholic reconcile believing that death and disease didn’t enter the world until the Fall, yet the earth could be millions of years old?

What is the Church’s position on pentecostal-looking healing ministries?

Why did a perfect being, who doesn’t need anything, create anything at all?

If people are legally divorced but still married in the Church, is the non-believing spouse still “separated and blessed” (reference to St. Paul) by the believing spouse? If so, does that continue if an annulment takes place?

Are atheism and agnosticism belief systems? A high-schooler I know say they aren’t, and I want to prove him wrong.

Recently I heard people on the radio say one has to be Catholic to get to heaven. Is this true?