Open Forum

Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014 - 7pm ET

Do Tea Party ideals square with Catholic teaching?

Are there promises tied to the Liturgy of the Hours like there are promises tied to the Rosary?

I understand that angels are perfect. In the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, why does the angel have a receding hairline?

My little sister said that it wasn’t fair that women weren’t allowed in the synagogue and that women can’t be priests. I am nine and my sister is seven. How can I explain that these things to her?

Why do Catholics worship idols?

My marriage is falling apart. Can you give me any advice?

The Gospel Truth About Mary Volume 1: Mary, the Mother of God and the Immaculate Conception
"The dogmas proclaiming Mary’s Immaculate Conception and her role as Mother of God may make sense to Catholics, but can they be explained to questioning Protestants? Tim Staples renders a masterful defense of these doctrines by starting with the questions he himself had as a young Protestant about Mary.  By examining the Scripture passages often used to disprove Marian dogmas, he shows how Scripture is, in fact, one of the sources from which these dogmas arise. “The Scripture passages that reveal the truths about the Blessed Mother,” says Staples, “became so obvious and so overwhelming to me that I could no longer deny the truth of the matter.”"