Open Forum

Thursday, Jan 23, 2014 - 6pm ET

I've heard the argument that not everyone that dies is pure, therefore we have purgatory. But how do plenary indulgences play into that?

Cardinal Bernardin was in the paper recently for covering a priest who molested and threatened a kid back in 1979. What is your opinion on this story?

What is the difference between Catholic communion and Protestant communion? In my mind, it is still bread and wine. Can I get further explanation of why Catholics believe it to be the body and blood of Christ?

The 12 promises of the Rosary. The first is “You will be given signal graces”. What is a signal grace?

How do we explain the Eucharist as both a representation of Christ on the cross, as well as the glorified body of Christ?

My church takes the holy water out during Lent and they put rocks in its place. I have never heard of this. Is this a common practice, or is there a history behind this practice?

Why is it a deterrent to not sin if purgatory is for a finite amount of time, and Heaven is for eternity? Once you get to heaven, you are immediately made happy and forget all your pain and suffering, right?

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