Open Forum

Thursday, Dec 12, 2013 - 7pm ET

I was told by a priest that if you’re in mortal sin he can give you a dispensation to receive communion as long as you go to confession immediately after. Is that okay to do?

I would like to challenge Jimmy on the New Jerusalem - the Church is in fact the New Jerusalem, i.e. the Body of Christ.

Is there communication between and the USCCB on how to communicate truth to the faithful?

How do you defend that only a priest can consecrate the Eucharist?

I’m struggling with the phrases in scripture that say the road to heaven is hard to find. Can you help?

Can a person get the Eucharist from good works?

Has there ever a case when the form and/or matter can deviate?

There are three people that commit a crime: a Cathoilic, a Protestant, and an Atheist. If they all die without repenting, why does the Catholic get to go to heaven, the Protestant go to Purgatory, and the Atheist go to hell? How is that fair?

I read that mortal sin wipes away all grace, and I want to know more about how that works?

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