Offering Your Works within the Mass

Friday, Feb 27, 2009 - 6pm ET

Fr. Ho Lung was born and raised on the island of Jamaica. He has dedicated his life to serving the poorest of the poor—the homeless and destitute in some of the world’s worst slums. He founded the Missionaries of the Poor, the religious order that has been recognized by the Vatican and was supported by Mother Teresa. They now house and care for abandoned children, lepers, people with AIDS and others in need in India, the Philippines, Haiti and Jamaica.

A primary source of revenue for the Missionaries of the Poor is the music written by Fr. Ho Lung. Much of his music is distinctly Caribbean-sounding but transcends all cultural and ethnic boundaries. Strong in its rhythms, free in its natural melodic flow, Fr. Ho Lung's powerful, emotional songs have been sung at Papal Masses and used in Catholic liturgies and other worship services.

Bible Answers to Fundamentalist Questions
In answering objections to Catholic teachings, John Martignoni himself relies on Scripture alone, citing chapter and verse the same way Bible Christians do when they talk about their beliefs. Once you learn the Scriptures Martignoni cites, you'll easily discuss these issues with Bible Christians—and influence them in ways you never could before.