Kids' Q&A

Monday, Feb 27, 2012 - 6pm ET

Fr. Antoine Thomas answers:

How do you explain that God did not create evil?

What are the purpose and responsibilities of becoming an adult in confirmation?

My Social Studies teacher said that Catholics are making up their arguments against the HHS Mandate -- how do I defend our position?

When we go to heaven, do we become angels?

I went to Mass and the priest didn’t show up, but they went ahead with Mass anyway -- is this okay?

How long did the three kings stay with baby Jesus?

What is the best way to receive the Eucharist?

If a woman has an abortion, will the baby go to heaven?

Why do they put a piece of the body of Christ in the blood of Christ?

I stand outside an abortion clinic to pray, and my Catholic school won’t accept my absence -- what is your advice?

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