From the Heart

Wednesday, Sep 18, 2013 - 7pm ET

My relationship with my mother is tumultuous and I feel like I need to break off contact with her. Is the Church against this?

I’m Jewish and have been thinking about the Catholic Church. How did you come to terms with the Trinity? Also, how did you deal with the Mithras myth?

Is it true that in order to forgive somebody they first have to acknowledge that they wronged you and ask you for forgiveness, then you can forgive them?

How do I be more disciplined with dieting?

Do non-Catholics have hope of getting to heaven?

My mother and I have a terrible relationship with my cousin. My mother keeps getting hurt by her. I am advising my mother to cut ties with my cousin. Should she cut ties or keep up the relationship?

What have other converts done to build up your faith?

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