From the Heart

Wednesday, Aug 7, 2013 - 7pm ET

My 18 year old daughter is discerning religious life. How does health insurance work when you’re in a religious order? Are they covered?

Four of my seven children have left the Church. How can I get them back? Do I lecture them or just quietly pray for them or what?

If you want to preach the gospel or be a missionary, is it okay to do that if you are not Catholic? Can you provide a scripture reference for your answer?

My daughter in law just joined the Church who is a nurse, and she wants to be a nurse practitioner in women’s health. Many times in this profession people are prescribed types of birth control. What is Church teaching on this?

A good friend recently died. She was a cloistered nunand she is buried inside the cloister. Would it be appropriate for my wife and I to ask to visit her tomb behind the cloister?

How can I convert my Jewish friend that is interested in learning about Jesus? He says he has no objection to Jesus, he just doesn’t understand him.

My 85 year old mom was in the ICU and they asked her about resuscitation rights. What are the moral teachings on this?

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