Fighting the Business of Abortion

Wednesday, Jun 9, 2010 - 7pm ET

Thomas Strobhar is the chairman of Life Decisions International (, an organization that has helped convince over 200 companies to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood.  He was instrumental in changing corporate policies at American Express, AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway, Ford, General Mills, Target, and others.

He is the author of over 70 shareholder resolutions concerning pornography, religious bigotry, fetal tissue research, abortifacient drugs, corporate donations to Planned Parenthood and other charities whose policies undermine marriage.

3 Approaches To Abortion
"Three Approaches to Abortion, by popular author Peter Kreeft, cuts through the nonsense of the ""pro-choice"" position. He shows in an irrefutable way why abortion is evil and why it's illogical to support abortion rights while claiming to be ""personally opposed to abortion."" Kreeft's commonsense approach to the issue, his lucid arguments, easy-to-grasp illustrations and examples, and his thoughtful dialogue between a pro-lifer and a ""pro-choicer"" make this book an invaluable tool in the pro-life cause."""