Wednesday, Oct 2, 2013 - 7pm ET

How can I better deal with my feelings of resent towards a lifetime illness that I have?

Our culture, it seems, runs on emotions, most people look at emotions as a reality. Like when one man really “loves” another man they want to get married because they “love” each other. Can you please comment?

How does consistent anger inter relate to what you are talking about? How do I control or resolve the anger that is always present?

This discussion is so off-base and so over simplistic. You clearly have not been through any pain or suffering like cancer. What are your comments?

How do I deal with things like fear? How do I get something from an intellectual knowledge to an emotional knowledge?

I work with a lot of Mormons, how do i deal with my emotions while having conversations with them?

Beyond The Birds And The Bees
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