Defending "Hitler's Pope"

Friday, Aug 2, 2013 - 7pm ET

Ronald J. Rychlak is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the MDLA Professor of Law as the University of Mississippi School of Law. His newest book, Hitler, the War, and the Pope (Revised and Expanded), was released by Our Sunday Visitor Press in June 2010.

Converts And Kingdoms: How The Church Converted The Pagan West - And How We Can Do It Again
Within these pages you will find not only the story of the Church’s early missionary efforts but also an analysis of why they succeeded: providing you valuable lessons for re-evangelizing a modern West that has slipped into a new and insidious form of paganism. Read Converts and Kingdoms today to be inspired by the convert-makers of the past, and to learn from them how to win the world anew for Christ.