Church History Q&A

Monday, Feb 4, 2013 - 6pm ET

James Hitchcock answers:

Can you explain why none of the popes ever used their infallibility to write a doctrine against the inquisition?

Can you comment on the Orthodox split from the Catholic Church?

If the main goal of the first or second Crusade was to conquer Jerusalem, why did the Crusaders ransack Constantinople?

How many times has the pope spoken ex cathedra? What are the things he’s spoken about?

Did the failure of the Crusades generate the Protestant revolt?

Has the Church historically advocated government as the means to protect marriage?

What is the footprint of the historical era that we are now in going to be, in light of the priest sex scandals?

Why does the Church want to suppress individual liberty like they did by excommunicating the signers of the Magna Carta?

Which council introduced the canon of the New Testament? 

How much of the Mass is actually what God told the Jewish people to do?

One of my relatives was martyred at the Pilgrimage of Grace, and at that point my family became Episcopalian -- how can I understand that my relative didn’t die in vain?

Why were the Jesuits expelled from most countries?

What is the real story of the Assumption of Mary? What is the earliest documentation of that legend?