Church History Q&A

Monday, Oct 15, 2012 - 7pm ET

Steve Weidenkopf answers:

I understand that Jesus initiated the sacraments, but who decided that there were seven? Why did the Protestants deviate from these?

Are Mellitus and Flavian now considered Catholic saints, even though they weren’t considered to be bishops of Antioch by the pope?

How do I prove to Mormon family members that the Holy Spirit did not leave the Church when the last apostle died? What early writings can I direct them to?

What is the truth about Galileo? Was he mistreated by the Church in any way?

Why are Catholics always apologizing for the Crusades? 

Is there an official list of Church Councils? Is the Council of Jerusalem actually considered the first council?

Is there a guidebook for studying Church history in Rome?

How do you reconcile the modern Church’s position on how to deal with heresy with the early Church’s position on how to deal with heresy?

What were the historical factors surrounding the schism between Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism?

I understand that early Christians waited until death approached to be baptized as it was the only form of forgiving sins -- when did they shift to confession and stop relying wholly on baptism for the forgiveness of sins?

Is it true that Augustine taught coercion conversion? Is it true that it was taught by King Richard the Lionhearted and Pope Innocent III?

How do I answer a Baptist minister with several history degrees who claims that the early Catholic Church taught that sex was only for procreation?

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