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A Catholic Guide to Mental Illness (Encore)
Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
Thursday, Dec 26, 2013
7pm ET
A Christian Approach to Media
Phil Cooke
Friday, Jun 27, 2014
7pm ET
A Civilization of Love
Carl Anderson
Monday, Jun 9, 2008
6pm ET
A Compact History of the Catholic Church
Alan Schreck
Monday, Mar 16, 2009
7pm ET
A Dangerous Contradiciton to Christianity
Sharon Lee Giganti
Friday, Jun 20, 2008
7pm ET
A Dangerous Contradiction to Christianity (Encore)
Sharon Lee Giganti
Friday, Jul 4, 2008
5pm ET
A Day in the Life of a Monk
Brother Elias
Monday, Nov 10, 2008
7pm ET
A Guide to Family Prayer
Leila Lawler
Monday, Jun 9, 2014
7pm ET
A Journey to the Heart of Catholicism (Pre-Recorded)
Fr. Robert Barron
Friday, Nov 25, 2011
6pm ET
A Miraculous Rescue of a Soul Reclaimed
Tim Burns
Friday, Jul 18, 2008
7pm ET