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Q&A Open Forum
Jim Blackburn
Tuesday, Dec 13, 2011
6pm ET
Atheist Lesbian turned Catholic Mom
Melinda Selmys
Friday, Dec 9, 2011
7pm ET
The Chaplain Is In
Fr. Vincent Serpa O.P.
Wednesday, Nov 2, 2011
6pm ET
Living with Same-Sex Attraction (Pre-Recorded)
Steve Gershom
Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011
7pm ET
Behind the Headlines (Pre-Recorded)
Rosario Rodriguez
Monday, Aug 15, 2011
6pm ET
Independence Day Special (Pre-Recorded)
Archbishop Timothy Broglio
Monday, Jul 4, 2011
6pm ET
Strengthening Marriage
Jennifer Roback-Morse
Wednesday, Jun 8, 2011
7pm ET
Hope for Homosexuals
Fr. Paul Check
Friday, Dec 3, 2010
7pm ET
Understanding Homosexuality
Dr. Joseph Nicolosi
Monday, Aug 2, 2010
7pm ET
Be a Man!
Fr. Larry Richards
Wednesday, Jan 13, 2010
6pm ET