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The Jewish Role in Salvation History (Encore)
David Moss
Tuesday, Dec 23, 2008
7pm ET
Scientism and Catholic Urban Legends
Robert P. Lockwood
Friday, Oct 10, 2008
7pm ET
Were the Early Christians Counter-Cultural?
Fr. Michael Giesler
Wednesday, Oct 8, 2008
7pm ET
How Rome Became Christian
Matthew E. Bunson
Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008
7pm ET
The Western Idea of "True Tolerance"
Fr. Barry Bercier
Monday, Jun 30, 2008
7pm ET
Under God
Joseph Smith
Wednesday, Jun 25, 2008
7pm ET
Age of the Martyrs
Christopher Check
Monday, Jun 16, 2008
6pm ET
Examining the Shroud of Turin
John Iannone
Wednesday, Jun 11, 2008
6pm ET
The Beatification of Fr. Jacques Haddad
Fr. Nabil Mouannes
Monday, Jun 2, 2008
6pm ET
The "Great" Popes
Matthew E. Bunson
Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008
7pm ET
Indisputable Evidence of the Resurrection
Mark Brumley
Wednesday, Apr 9, 2008
6pm ET