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Scriptural Apologetics
John Martignoni
Friday, Jun 26, 2009
6pm ET
Is Jesus God?
Brant Pitre
Wednesday, Jun 24, 2009
7pm ET
The Three Fatherhoods
Steve Wood
Friday, Jun 19, 2009
7pm ET
How Not to Evangelize
Hector Molina
Friday, Jun 12, 2009
7pm ET
Mary: Modern Myths and Ancient Truth
Mark P. Shea
Monday, May 4, 2009
7pm ET
Who Needs Priests?
Steve Ray
Monday, Apr 27, 2009
7pm ET
The Mysteries of the Shroud (Encore)
Barrie Schwortz
Friday, Apr 10, 2009
7pm ET
Jesus: His Passion, Sacrifice and Love (Encore)
Fr. Andrew Apostoli
Friday, Apr 10, 2009
6pm ET
The Paschal Mystery and You
Marcellino D'Ambrosio
Wednesday, Apr 8, 2009
6pm ET
How to Defend and Explain the Eucharist
Jim Burnham
Monday, Apr 6, 2009
6pm ET