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Catholic Medical Ethics
John Brehany
Monday, Apr 13, 2009
7pm ET
Catholic Medical Ethics (Encore)
John Brehany
Friday, Jul 3, 2009
6pm ET
Choosing Life in Spite of Incest and Rape (Encore)
Ray Simmons
Monday, Dec 29, 2008
6pm ET
Confessions of an Ex-Abortionist
Dr. Bernard Nathanson
Wednesday, Aug 12, 2009
7pm ET
Contraception Vs. NFP
Jason Evert
Monday, Jan 19, 2009
6pm ET
Contraception vs. NFP
Damon Owens
Friday, Jul 12, 2013
6pm ET
Defending Life
Fr. Thomas Euteneuer
Friday, Dec 11, 2009
6pm ET
Defending Life on the Front Lines (Pre-Recorded)
Elizabeth McClung
Wednesday, Jul 4, 2012
7pm ET
Defusing the Population Bomb
Steven Mosher
Friday, Dec 4, 2009
6pm ET
Do Condoms Stop AIDS?
Matthew Hanley
Friday, Jan 14, 2011
6pm ET