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Reclaiming Time for God (Encore)
Fr. Paul Scalia
Friday, Dec 30, 2016
6pm ET
Healing (Encore)
Mary Healy
Thursday, Dec 29, 2016
6pm ET
You Are Not Alone
Gary Zimak
Monday, Dec 5, 2016
6pm ET
Counseling vs. Spiritual Direction
Gregory Popcak
Monday, Nov 7, 2016
7pm ET
The Adventure of Masculine Spirituality
Bear Woznick
Monday, Oct 31, 2016
6pm ET
The Rosary
Edward Sri
Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016
6pm ET
Into the Deep
Dan Burke
Monday, Oct 10, 2016
7pm ET
The Fulfillment of All Desire
Ralph Martin
Friday, Sep 16, 2016
7pm ET
The Sabbath and Re-Creation
Archbishop Alexander Sample
Friday, Sep 16, 2016
6pm ET
From Humdrum to Holy
Fr. Ed Broom
Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016
7pm ET
Reclaiming Time for the Lord
Fr. Paul Scalia
Wednesday, Aug 24, 2016
6pm ET
Champions of the Rosary (Pre-recorded)
Fr. Donald Calloway
Monday, Aug 15, 2016
6pm ET
The Power of Prayer
Anthony Lilles
Monday, Aug 1, 2016
6pm ET
Pray Like a Saint
Matthew Leonard
Wednesday, Jul 13, 2016
6pm ET
Remembering God's Mercy
Dawn Eden
Friday, May 13, 2016
7pm ET
Aquinas: God and the Good Life (Pre-recorded)
Christopher Kaczor
Thursday, May 5, 2016
7pm ET
Grace and Nature
Fr. Brian Mullady O.P.
Monday, Apr 18, 2016
7pm ET
Discerning God's Will
Fr. Timothy Gallagher
Monday, Apr 4, 2016
7pm ET
How to Be Holy (Pre-recorded)
Peter Kreeft
Friday, Mar 25, 2016
7pm ET
Why We Need the Cross
Msgr. Charles Pope
Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016
7pm ET