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Why the Mass Matters
Msgr. Eugene Morris
Friday, Nov 9, 2012
6pm ET
Sacred Music
Jeffrey Tucker
Monday, Sep 17, 2012
6pm ET
Authentic Liturgical Reform
Archbishop Alexander Sample
Monday, Apr 30, 2012
6pm ET
The Bible Blueprint for the Mass
Karlo Broussard
Friday, Apr 27, 2012
7pm ET
Are You Ready for the New Mass Translation?
Jimmy Akin
Monday, Nov 14, 2011
6pm ET
Why Liturgy?
Msgr. Michael Magee
Monday, Oct 17, 2011
7pm ET
Mass Revision
Jimmy Akin
Monday, Jun 13, 2011
6pm ET
A Biblical Walk Through the Mass
Edward Sri
Wednesday, Mar 30, 2011
6pm ET
How to Go to Mass (Pre-Recorded)
Cardinal Francis Arinze
Wednesday, Feb 9, 2011
7pm ET
The (New) Old Latin Mass
Msgr. Charles Pope
Monday, Feb 7, 2011
6pm ET