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Evangelical Catholicism
George Weigel
Monday, Apr 29, 2013
6pm ET
Evangelization Through Entertainment
Judy Savoy
Friday, Sep 11, 2009
6pm ET
Evangelization Through the Mass
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
Friday, Jan 7, 2011
7pm ET
Evangelizing in the Workplace
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
Monday, Jun 14, 2010
7pm ET
Evangelizing Like Jesus
Fr. Larry Richards
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
7pm ET
Evangelizing the College Campus
Marcel LeJeune
Friday, Jun 17, 2011
7pm ET
Evangelizing the Jewish People
Roy Schoeman
Wednesday, Jul 2, 2014
7pm ET
Evangelizing With Magic
Angelo Stagnaro
Friday, Jul 31, 2009
7pm ET
Evangelizing Young People
Scott Powell
Monday, Feb 18, 2013
6pm ET
Evangelizing Youth Culture
Justin Fatica
Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009
6pm ET