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Why do I Need a Church? (Encore)
Edward Sri
Wednesday, Dec 31, 2014
6pm ET
Scripture and Tradition
Patrick Madrid
Monday, Dec 1, 2014
6pm ET
Why do I Need a Church?
Edward Sri
Friday, Sep 26, 2014
6pm ET
What Is the Priesthood?
Bishop Salvatore Cordileone
Monday, Sep 22, 2014
7pm ET
The Role of Bishop
Bishop Jeffrey Monforton
Monday, Sep 8, 2014
7pm ET
Infallibility and Levels of Church Teaching
Marcellino D'Ambrosio
Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013
6pm ET
Authentic Ecumenism
Fr. C. John McCloskey
Friday, Sep 6, 2013
7pm ET
The Bible Blueprint for the Church
Karlo Broussard
Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013
6pm ET
Sisters in Crisis (Pre-recorded)
Ann Carey
Thursday, Aug 15, 2013
6pm ET
Radical Traditionalism
Tim Staples
Monday, Aug 12, 2013
7pm ET