Bioethics for the Rest of Us

Monday, Mar 11, 2013 - 7pm ET

Fr. Tad Guarendi answers:

After conception, when do the cells become a person?

What is ethically the right thing to do when it comes to making a living will?

Is prescribing Gardasil for my non-sexually active thirteen-year-old boy against Catholic teaching?

What are the ethics that revolve around the issues of DNR and euthanasia?

What are the ethics that revolve around my brother who was on the heart and lung machine for surgery?

What is the difference between the reproductive technology GIFT and SIFT?

Life Issues, Medical Choices: Questions And Answers For Catholics
"Medical and technological advances over the last decades have left millions of Catholics grappling with tough issues. Life Issues, Medical Choices not only provides answers to many questions troubling Catholics, it also supplies fundamental principles of Catholic thought to help readers arrive at morally sound decisions in those areas that have yet to be settled."