Bioethics for the Rest of Us

Monday, Nov 7, 2011 - 7pm ET

Fr. Tad Pacholczyk answers:

What is the definition of "extraordinary heroic measures" when you are dealing with a cancer patient? When is it okay to stop treatment?

Regarding the argument that IVF is immoral is based on the fact that it is unnatural- how does this relate to c-sections being unnatural?

I’m a cardiac nurse. Is it immoral for me to turn off cardiac drips?

I heard that 80 - 90 million embryos have been destroyed through IVF. Where do I find information like this?

Can you give a moral evaluation of the use of Methotrexate in ectopic pregnancies?

If Dobutamine is artificially maintaining life, and it’s a reality that we can’t keep patients alive on it forever, at one point is it ethical to stop administering it? 

Is IVF transferring or implanting embryos? Is the Church’s education about this antiquated or insulting to women?

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