Bioethics for the Rest of Us

Wednesday, Jan 15, 2014 - 7pm ET

My father is in hospice with Parkinson’s. He is having trouble swallowing and we’re trying to decide if we should put him on a feeding tube or not. Are we compelled to do this?

When I was a boy my parents gave me drugs. What is the Catholic teaching on medicating children with antidepressants or any mind-altering drug?

How can I approach a friend who is considering a tubal ligation?

My sister is in high school and has expressed interest in becoming a geneticist. Would her Catholic faith present challenges in advancing in this field?

Doctors said I was in a brain dead coma. Previously I had said that in this state I would like my organs harvested. During my coma my mother said no, don’t harvest her organs. The doctors pressured her to let me go. I thank God for my mother and after nine days I woke up.

What is the Catholic position on the abortion of ectopic pregnancies? Also, how can I persuade the hospital where I work (non-Catholic hospital) to not provide vasectomies and tubal ligations?

Marlise Munoz is a brain dead patient who is currently pregnant. What is the Catholic teaching for this situation?

Can a person specify beforehand when he wants a feeding tube and when he doesn’t?