Behind the Headlines (Pre-Recorded)

Monday, Aug 15, 2011 - 6pm ET

Rosario Rodriguez is a survivor of a violent crime, working on a full recovery by intense therapy, counseling & healthy nutrition. Rosario is a Catholic missionary, speaker & dancer.

She is 33 years old and shows great passion and dedication for her Catholic faith, family, friends, sports teams, and missionary work. Rosario looks at life as an adventure and constantly strives to live for eternity in the moment of today.

One of Canada’s leading TV sports broadcasters fired one of its anchors recently after he voiced support for true marriage on Twitter.  Damian Goddard, the now-former host of “Connected” on Rogers Sportsnet, had tweeted his support of Burlington hockey agent Todd Reynolds, who created a stir this week when he openly disapproved of New York Rangers hockey star Sean Avery's participation in a TV ad backing gay “marriage.” “I completely and wholeheartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage,” wrote Goddard on May 10th. Goddard is standing by the comments:  “In terms of what I said, I stand by it,” he told the Toronto Star. “I’m a devout Roman Catholic. It’s not about hate at all.”

Rabbi Eric A. Silver initially believed Pope Pius XII to be either a silent, uncaring witness to the atrocities of the Holocaust, or a Nazi co-conspirator. When he was asked to be part of a group journeying to the Vatican to study documents for the canonization of Pius, he balked, but finally accepted.  After spending several days searching the Vatican archives, he says his "eyes were opened.”  Rabbi Silver, who served as rabbi at Salt Lake City’s Congregation Kol Ami in the 1980s, has now taken up a seemingly unlikely cause: promoting Pius as a friend to Jews.  He recently traveled from Connecticut, where he lives after retiring from a synagogue there, to lecture on the topic at the IJ & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center near the University of Utah, and gives such talks about 10 times a year.

Why Catholics Are Right
For some Catholicism is the only permanent, absolute body of truth, while for others it is the last permanent, absolute body that has to be opposed and stopped. Why Catholics Are Right opens with a discussion of the abuse scandal and the reality of what happened. Coren then traces Catholic history, with a discussion of the Crusades, Inquisition, Holocaust, and Galileo. He looks at Catholics and theology, explaining what and why Catholics believe what they do — Papal infallibility, immaculate conception, the Church rather than Bible alone. Finally, Coren outlines the pro-life position and why it is so important to Catholicism.