Monday, Sep 23, 2013 - 7pm ET

Why are a lot of militant atheists, Jewish? Why do they have such animosity towards Christianity?

I am an atheist...former Christian...In Deut it says that you are supposed to kill non-believers. How is this any different from Islam?

I work at NASA with a lot of atheists… How can I approach these theoretical physicists who say God is just a theory? They are open to discussion…

How can I answer atheists that claim God is an invention made by man?

How do I answer atheists when they ask why would a good God allow suffering?

Why is the hypothesis of an eternal universe is not possible?

Catholicism has an open view on Darwinism...why are catholics free to believe it? Darwinian evolution destroys faith and creates atheists.

As Catholics we believe the end does not justify the means… how does compare to the idea that God allows evil to bring good out of it?

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