A Biblical Critique of Sola Scriptura

Monday, Apr 20, 2009 - 7pm ET

Karlo Broussard is a young man from Crowley, Louisiana who gave up everything to embrace God’s call to be a Catholic Apologist. Broussard, “the Cajun musician turned Catholic apologist,” left a promising musical career in Southern Louisiana to devote himself to the full-time work of winning souls for Christ.

A cradle Catholic by birth, Broussard’s faith, like everyone, needed to be further nurtured through a personal relationship with Christ and by studying the Catholic Faith. Broussard’s amazing success in the Cajun country music scene proved to be a major distraction and even a source of serious temptation. Playing in honky-tonk bars, night clubs, and recording two successful music albums eventually led Broussard to a crossroads as he began to realize that his core Christian beliefs were not in accord with his musician lifestyle. The Holy Spirit eventually led him to acknowledge God’s truth and embrace his calling as a Catholic apologist.

He is the founder and president of the Divine Child Institute for Catechetical Renewal, Inc, which is an institute for adult catechesis based in Wenatchee, WA.  He is a skilled apologist and adult catechist with experience in radio and television broadcasting, conference speaking, biblical seminars, audio publications and magazine articles.  Karlo is a speaker on Catholic Answers speaker’s bureau and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from Catholic Distance University as well as a Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology with a concentration in catechesis and evangelization from the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado. 

Broussard is one of the most dynamic and enthusiastic Catholic speakers on the circuit today. To compliment his zealous and energetic style, Broussard’s teachings are incredibly clear and concise, leaving audiences with an unbelievably deeper understanding of the mysteries of faith. Broussard’s talks are able to move one from the shaky ground of doubt and unbelief to the firm foundation of the immoveable Catholic truth.

You can visit his website at divinechildinstitute.com.


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