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"The Man Talk" features a powerful presentation by Matt Fradd designed to help today’s Catholic men face their greatest challenge. Perfect for men of all ages and for women who want to understand them, this DVD lays out a vision for authentic Catholic masculinity and a plan for how to achieve it. Many thanks to everyone who donated to this project.
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May, 2012
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There are five "rules" every Catholic man must break! Matt Fradd, one of the church's new evangelizers and talented apologist, reveals the answer.


What’s the Biggest Challenge Catholic Men Face Today?


Our Newest Apologist Has the Answer.


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Dear friend of Catholic Answers,

I have some exciting news to share with you: After months of working to make it happen, Catholic Answers has added a dynamic young apologist to our staff.

His name is Matt Fradd, and he hails from Down Under. That’s right, he’s from Australia. In fact, that’s why it took as long as it did to bring him on staff. There were immigration issues to attend to.

 But Catholic Answers was willing to navigate the Great Barrier Reef of immigration, so to speak, because Matt is that good.

 He did not spend his twenties relaxing on Australian beaches. Instead, Matt built an international reputation in Catholic ministry, serving in Canada, Ireland, the United States, and his native country.

 He has appeared on the BBC, EWTN, The Irish Morning Show, and Catholic Answers Live, where he shared his personal story of redemption and healing, including a profound conversion at World Youth Day 2000 in Rome, which led him to commit himself to helping others know Jesus Christ and the Church he founded.

 Much of Matt’s work has been in youth and music ministry.
In fact, as a missionary in Canada and Ireland, Matt proclaimed the gospel to over 10,000 teens and young adults.

 In recent years, he has devoted a great deal of energy to combating the plague of pornography and the devastating effect it has on men . . . and on women.

 Check Out This Endorsement from His Canadian Archbishop

 Matt has been amazingly effective. Just read what his archbishop said about him during his time in Canada:

 Matt Fradd’s ministry meets a critical need in the Church today. Pornography is a silent killer. It viciously assaults the dignity of the person, it destroys marriages and families, and it enslaves minds, hearts, and souls. Matt is shattering the silence.

 Matt Fradd shines as one of the Church’s new evangelizers. He is dynamic, bold, and convincing. He is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker, and he loves Christ, the Church, and the sacraments.

 He proclaims Jesus’ message of hope and healing, and he offers concrete, practical advice on ways to break out of pornography’s stronghold. Matt is reclaiming the truth, goodness, and beauty of human sexuality, and I support his work in the Church.
- Terrence Prendergast, S.J., Archbishiop of Ottawa

 With an endorsement like that, you can tell why we’re excited to have Matt on staff here at Catholic Answers.

 In addition to his globe-trotting work promoting chastity, Matt is a talented apologist, giving talks on how to defend the Church’s teaching and writing on hot-button issues such as atheism and how to combat it.

 There’s Just One Problem . . .

 The problem is that it takes time for a new apologist to ramp up and “pay his own way.”

Eventually—perhaps a year from now—Matt will have enough speaking engagements that he will be able to cover his own costs: salary, benefits, travel, and lodging, plus the support staff that does the behind-the-scenes work in promoting and setting up his talks.

In the meantime, I hope that you will be able to help us.

I’m convinced that Matt has a wonderful future ahead of him as a Catholic apologist. He is someone who can speak today to young people (particularly young men) in a heart-moving and convincing way.

But we need to get from here to there, financially speaking.

We brought Matt on staff with full confidence—but with the knowledge, on his part and ours, that we would need help in covering expenses during the ramp-up phase.

He already is doing a tremendous amount of good, and I’m positive that his effectiveness will increase many times over in the future. That’s why I ask your help to ensure this will be the case by helping us cover the costs of bringing on such a fine speaker.

In fact, I’d like to show you what a fine speaker he is . . .

 New DVD Reveals Biggest Challenge for Catholic Men

Catholic Answers has produced a brand-new DVD with Matt Fradd. It features The Man Talk, a powerful presentation that Matt designed to help today’s Catholic men face their greatest challenge.

What is that challenge?

It’s not pornography.

It’s not unemployment.

It’s not the offensive way men are constantly portrayed in the media.

Quite simply, the greatest challenge that Catholic men face today is . . . not being challenged.

Here’s how Matt explains it:

Through all my years of doing outreach to Catholic men, I realized that there was something desperately lacking in most of the men’s talks I would hear. They didn’t do anything to inspire men or build them up. They had such a reduced view of what being a man means, as if being a real man just meant not looking at pornography. What a warped, narrow vision that is.

I found myself frustrated with these talks. They were just purely negative. While pornography is a huge problem today—make no mistake—it isn’t the ultimate problem. There’s something deeper, and I wanted to do a talk that would go to the heart of the matter, to break through the negativity and build men up, to show them an inspiring vision of what they can be, what God wants them to be, what God calls them to be.

That’s why The Man Talk does away with the dreary negativity of so many Christian men’s talks. It asks men to contemplate the crucial questions:

  •  What kind of man do you want to be?
  •  How do you want to be remembered?
  •  What kind of men do you respect?

 Then, after offering the vision of what men can and should be, the talk explains the pitfalls that men must avoid to achieve that vision, including. . .

 The Five “Rules” That Every Man Must Break

Society subtly communicates certain messages to men, certain “rules” that they are expected to follow. But these very rules can stop men from being all that they can be. On the DVD, Matt reveals how the only way to become a true, fully alive man is to break each and every one.

That is why The Man Talk is a one-of-a-kind presentation. It’s unlike anything else out there.

It’s also chock-full of wit, humor, and hilarious stories.

In The Man Talk, Matt Fradd lays out a vision for authentic Catholic masculinity and a plan for how to achieve it. Following the example of some of history’s greatest and wisest Christian men, he shows how to build the strengths and practice the habits that make a true man of God: a man of courage and strength who lives for others, a man who is dynamically alive.

Jeff Cavins, creator of the Great Adventure Bible Study, had this to say after seeing The Man Talk:

Matt Fradd gives us a vision of how to live Catholic manhood to the fullest: with humility, self-mastery, and—here’s the big secretabounding joy.

Filmed before a live audience, The Man Talk mixes humor and stories with theology and common sense to provide a positive, uplifting, and highly engaging presentation that men of all ages can enjoy and profit from.

It is perfect for teenage boys, for adult men, and for parish men’s groups.

And for women who want to understand men better, it provides a unique glimpse into their world and the challenges they face.

This exciting and insightful resource provides an outstanding illustration of why Matt was an ideal choice to be Catholic Answers’ newest apologist.

But We Still Need Your Help!

As I said, it will take a while for Matt to get ramped up to the point that he is bringing in the funds needed to cover his salary plus the expenses associated with helping him conduct the kind of national speaking ministry that he is capable of.

What’s more, during the time that Matt is ramping up, Catholic Answers still needs to pursue and—if possible—expand all of its other apostolic efforts.

That’s why I’m hoping that you’ll be as generous as possible at this time. (Click here to donate.)

Perhaps God has blessed you and you could afford to send us $1,000 . . . or $500 . . . or $250.

Or perhaps you could send $100 . . . or $75 . . . or $50.

Whatever amount you can afford, you have our profoundest thanks.

As a thank-you for your gift of $40 or more, we’ll send you an autographed copy of Matt’s new DVD, The Man Talk—absolutely free. (Click here to donate.)

It’s an ideal resource for the men you know, and I hope you’ll take advantage of it.

Plus, after you see Matt in action, you’ll understand why Catholic Answers went halfway around the world to bring on this powerful speaker.

Matt’s already proven to be a wonderful addition to our staff, and—with your help—his good work will expand all the more, and his message will turn around countless hearts and minds.

Many thanks for helping us to expand the ranks of our top-notch apologists, as well as to continue all our apostolic efforts.

May I hear from you today?



Karl Keating
President, Catholic Answers


P.S. Don’t forget that, as a thank-you for your donation of $40 or more, we’ll send you an autographed copy of Matt Fradd’s powerful new DVD, The Man Talk—absolutely free. Don’t miss out on this outstanding new resource, which is perfect for the men you know.

 (Click here to donate.)


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"The Man Talk" features a powerful presentation by Matt Fradd designed to help today’s Catholic men face their greatest challenge. Perfect for men of all ages and for women who want to understand them, this DVD lays out a vision for authentic Catholic masculinity and a plan for how to achieve it. Many thanks to everyone who donated to this project.