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What's ahead for Catholic Answers

as we launch our 2012 Annual Campaign

As a double thank-you for helping us, please accept
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Dear Friend of Catholic Answers:

Every year around this time I like to take a moment to thank those who have kept this apostolate in their prayers and among their benefactions over the years.

This apostolate has been full-time work for me for 24 years now. The mission of Catholic Answers remains the same—to “help good Catholics become better Catholics, bring former Catholics home, and lead non-Catholics to the fullness of the faith.”

This isn’t something I’ve been doing by myself all these years. I’ve had lots of help.

First, from God, whose grace is responsible for whatever good this apostolate has accomplished.

Second, from great staff members who rejoice in explaining, defending, and spreading the faith.

Third, from you and our other benefactors, without whose prayers and financial support our work would not have been possible.

And what has that work been?

Our chief—but hardly our only—areas of work include:

  1. Publishing top-flight books, tracts, CDs, and DVDs—and distributing them by the thousands
  2. Helping to preserve the faith of young Catholics who attend World Youth Day
  3. Giving teens encouragement to lead (or to return to) chaste lives
  4. Sharing the faith with countless thousands through the Catholic Answers Live radio program
  5. Giving thousands an in-depth understanding of the faith through Catholic Answers Magazine
  6. Answering individuals’ questions via letter, e-mail, and phone
  7. Presenting faith-building lectures in parishes throughout the country and around the world
  8. Helping Catholics understand their duty to “vote the faith,” as explained in our voter’s guide
  9. Hosting the world’s most-visited Catholic discussion forums, with millions of participants
  10. Hosting the world’s second-most-visited Catholic web site (only the Vatican’s gets more traffic)

As you can see, we have many projects that need your help throughout the year.

Which brings me to the main point of this letter . . .

Without your monthly support, much of our work would grind to a halt

Not a single one of these activities would be possible without the regular support of Catholics like you.

Our budget for 2012 is $6.5 million (which is up by five percent from the previous year).

Most of that money will come through straight donations, and a large proportion of those donations will arrive month by month as our most faithful supporters fulfill pledges made to our annual fundraising campaign.

And that’s what I’m writing to you about now.

If you already are pledging a monthly amount, having signed up last year or earlier, many thanks! Please consider increasing that monthly pledge for 2012.

If you aren’t yet a pledger, I ask that you become one, joining those thousands of other friends of Catholic Answers whose gifts are the foundation of what we do.

Please note: Our annual campaign is our chief fundraising effort of the year. We rely on it to get us by, month by month. It’s the financial underpinning of all our work.

We try to get as many people as possible to sign up to make month-to-month donations. This has a great benefit for us. It lets us plan ahead, with a reasonable expectation of how much income we will have as the year progresses. [Click here to make your pledge or send your donation.]

Not all of our donations come via the annual campaign and fulfilled pledges, of course, but the campaign represents such a large chunk of our income that we pretty well can tell by the start of the calendar year whether we’ll be able to expand our work or will have to pull back on some projects.

Which of our projects would you nix?

Which of those ten activities are important to you?

Which activities help people you know—your immediate family, friends who have fallen away from the faith, young people whose spiritual and moral lives are in jeopardy?

Which activities do you think the Church doesn’t need? (I hope you answer: “not a single one”!)

To continue the good work Catholic Answers has accomplished so far, and to expand all these activities and to add new ones, we need your regular (that is so say, monthly) support.

Won’t you please renew your pledge if you already are a pledger or sign up as a new pledger if you haven’t pledged in the past?

Click here to renew or start a new pledge—or to make a one-time gift, if that’s your preference.

Many thanks for whatever you can give and for your prayers!

Best wishes in Christ,

Karl Keating
President, Catholic Answers

P.S. Just in case you might need a further inducement to become a pledger or make a donation, let me offer you two items, in each of which, I’m sure, you’ll find much spiritual and intellectual profit.

The first is a new book from our chaplain, Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P. It’s Just a Minute: Sixty Seconds a Day with the Gospels, short daily meditations on the Gospel readings. If you’ve heard Father’s “Catholic Answers Minutes” on Catholic Answers Live, you know what a blessing this book will be for you.

Speaking of our radio program, the other thank-you item I want to send you is a set of three audio CDs titled The Best of "Catholic Answers Live". We’ve culled the very best moments from more than a dozen years of programming. These are CDs you’ll play over and over again for yourself, and you’ll want to share them with everyone you know.

Please accept both Fr. Serpa’s book and the CDs with my thanks, when you join us as a pledger with a minimum donation of $10 a month. If you are already a pledger, we’ll send you these two gifts for a one-time donation of $120.

[Click here to donate.]