100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura

Catholic Answers is grateful to everyone who supported this project. We are proud to be able to produce "100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura." This book is perfect for anyone looking to dismantle the misconceptions of Fundamentalists.
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May, 2012
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What’s the One Question Fundamentalists Love to Use
to Stump Catholics?


PLUS: What You Need to Say in Response


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Dear friend of Catholic Answers,

Have you ever had a conversation that went like this one? (Chances are, if you haven’t had one, you’ve heard one.)

Fundamentalist: Is it true that you Catholics pray to Mary?

Catholic: Yes, we do.

Fundamentalist: Why? Where is that in the Bible?

Catholic: Well . . . uh . . .

Fundamentalist: How about purgatory? Where is that?

Catholic: Actually . . .

Fundamentalist: And where does it say you can’t eat meat on Friday? Or that you should confess your sins to a priest? Or that priests have to be celibate? Where is any of this stuff in the Bible? Don’t you, as a Catholic, have to admit that your religion is fundamentally unbiblical? It’s just a man-made religion.

You can see what is happening in this conversation: The Fundamentalist is asking the same basic question over and over again, in different forms. It’s the Fundamentalist’s favorite question of all . . .

“Where Is That in the Bible?”

Fundamentalists—and many other Protestants—use this question all the time, particularly when dealing with Catholics.

They’ll use it repeatedly, often without waiting for a complete response. If they sense that you do have a good answer, they’ll simply switch topics and use the question again.

Fundamentalist evangelizers are trained to use this question on Catholics.

They see it as the “master key” to defeating Catholics.

Too often, it’s just that. Countless Catholics are stymied by the question and don’t know what to say in response. Worse yet . . .

Many Catholics Fall For It

They actually end up convinced that the Catholic faith is “unbiblical” and that they need to leave it. That’s how Fundamentalist evangelizers are able to pick off so many Catholics who aren’t firm in their faith.

In fact, there are Fundamentalist churches that are full of former Catholics who have been pulled out of the Church by use of just this technique.

Maybe even someone you know—a friend or a family member—has left the Church after being exposed to this type of argument.

But for the technique to work, the Catholic has to buy into an unstated assumption that is seldom argued—and that is never proved.

The Invisible Assumption

The assumption is that if something isn’t found in the Bible, then it is “unbiblical” and something we must reject.

This is a key principle in Protestant thought. It’s the idea that we should do our theology “by Scripture alone.” It even has a fancy Latin name: “sola scriptura.”

Those who advocate it are proud of this principle. It’s a mark of pride for them to be able to show that their theology is “more biblical” than someone else’s.

The idea is crucial to Protestant thought. In fact, it’s one of the core principles of the Protestant Reformation.

But while many talk constantly about sola scriptura, while many pride themselves on using it to pull Catholics out of the Church, there is one question that very few ever stop to ask themselves . . .

“Whoever Said It Was True?”

Seriously: Whoever said that Christians ought to shun a belief or practice just because it isn’t mentioned in Scripture? Whoever said that Scripture is the only thing God has given us to learn about him and his will? Where did that idea come from?

In fact, it didn’t arise until the time of the Reformation. Christians before that, from the first century onward, did not believe this principle, and it’s just an assumption on the part of anti-Catholic evangelizers.

The fact that it’s an assumption, that they have no proof for sola scriptura, also means . . .

It’s Their Achilles’ Heel

It’s time for Catholics to stop being beaten by the Fundamentalists’ favorite question. Whenever a door-to-door evangelist or a sidewalk missionary starts peppering a Catholic with this question, the Catholic needs to push back, to challenge the assumption.

Of course, you can’t just say, “Well, I don’t believe that,” and leave it there—not if you want to show the Fundamentalist the error of his ways. At best you might get him to stop hounding you with questions, but you wouldn’t do the positive good—the spiritual work of mercy—of helping him understand why sola scriptura is itself an “unbiblical” principle that needs to be rejected.

That’s why Catholic Answers has just published the book 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura by well-known apologist Dave Armstrong.

Dave used to be Protestant, and he accepted the idea of sola scriptura and thought it was key to understanding God and his will. But Dave came to see that this principle is wrong—that it is, in fact, contrary to the teaching of the Bible—and that he needed to accept the authority of the Church, so he became Catholic.

Thus he’s an excellent guide to help you learn how to stand up for your Catholic faith and defend it against the constant litany of “Where’s that in the Bible?”

Please note that his new book, 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura, contains just that: biblical arguments—the kind you need to get through to a Fundamentalist. After all, if he’s locked into the “Bible only” view, he won’t even listen to appeals to other sources.

That’s why you need the kind of precise, biblically-based takedown of sola scriptura that Dave provides.

In a moment I’m going to tell you how you can get your own copy of the book (plus exclusive bonus material), but first I need to mention one other thing . . .

We Need Your Help

As you know, Catholic Answers is a broad-based ministry that undertakes many different apostolic efforts. Making available books like 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura is just one of them.

We also engage in countless other efforts. From our nationwide program of parish seminars, to our worldwide radio program, to our burgeoning presence on the Internet, Catholic Answers seeks to reach people in every way it can.

We provide materials free of charge to seminarians, to service men and women, and to prisoners who would have no other access to the answers they need to protect their faith against assaults by aggressive Fundamentalists behind bars.

We answer questions one-on-one. Maybe we’ve even answered some of yours.

Whatever the case, we need your help in order to keep the ministry functioning on all these different fronts. [Click here to donate.]

And we want to express our gratitude for your help:

  • If you are able to give $40 or more, then as a special thank-you for your financial support, we’d like to give you a free copy of Dave Armstrong’s new book, 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura.
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So don’t wait. Help Catholic Answers continue its work, and get all this solid Catholic material to put the kibosh on the “Where’s that in the Bible?” question. [Click here to donate.]

Thank you in advance for your generosity.



Karl Keating
President, Catholic Answers

P.S. In 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura, Dave Armstrong uses the Bible and basic common sense to dismantle sola scriptura piece-by-piece. With clear and forceful proofs, numbered and organized for easy use, he shows why it is a biblically bankrupt concept that is unable to withstand scrutiny.

Don’t forget that for your donation of $40 to help the work of Catholic Answers, we’ll send you a copy of the book absolutely free—plus an exclusive CD interview.

Be sure to act today so that you can get in on the 1,000 copies that have been autographed by Dave.

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Catholic Answers is grateful to everyone who supported this project. We are proud to be able to produce "100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura." This book is perfect for anyone looking to dismantle the misconceptions of Fundamentalists.