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Karl Keating
For some, breaking away from the Church may be the first step to becoming a good Catholic. From 2001.
Mark Brumley
If an outrageous assertion gets repeated enough times, people will begin to believe it. How to counter the unhistorical and unbiblical claim...
Alice Von Hildebrand
We like to think that we won World War II, but can we really claim to be victors, given that we ended up adopting Nazi morality? From 1997.
Russell L. Ford
So, you think it’s hard to be an apologist in your neighborhood? A catechist’s account from behind bars. From 1992.
Cherie Peacock
When a Fundamentalist church down the street put anti-Catholic tracts on windshields during Mass at his local parish, Karl Keating didn’t just...
Fr. Ray Ryland
What authority did Jesus give to Peter himself? How to understand the difference between the Catholic and Orthodox positions. From 1997.
Steve Ray
Why do Catholics call Mary the Ark of the New Covenant? Take a journey through the Old and New Testaments to explore biblical typology. From...
Joanna Bogle
Some Catholics think the situation in the Church today is too dire to concentrate on anything but the problems. But we need to be joyful, even...
Mark P. Shea
An infernal e-mail reveals what devils may think about sins of the flesh. From 2000.
Jimmy Akin
We must distinguish between the system and its representatives—whatever their failings. From 2001.