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Jeffrey A. Mirus
Culture is like the air we breathe: It permeates our lives. And just like polluted air, a toxic culture can devastate everything, from the...
Anthony Esolen
On the Mount of Purgatory, Dante sees for the first time the unveiled face of Beatrice. His response is joy surpassing even his ability to...
Carl Olson
Conventional wisdom now holds that faith is unreasonable. The fashionable thinker dismisses faith to the purview of the superstitious, the...
Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Does the Church base the papacy on a single Bible verse? Hardly. The successor of Peter is more than just the rock upon whom Christ founded his...
Russell Shaw
Spain, 1936: War rages between Republicans and Nationalists. Bishops, priests, and religious are slaughtered by the thousands. And a young...
Cherie Peacock
As I write this, the announcement has just been made that Archbishop Gomez has been chosen to shepherd Los Angeles—a welcome reminder that God...
I was impressed with Rev. William Dillard’s article in the March-April 2010 issue, "Tell the Good News, Father!" Our pastor is a holy priest,...
Fr. Ernest P. Davis III
People often ask, "Why did you become a Catholic?" My short answer is, "Because I finally realized I wasn’t." For an Anglican or an...
Jim Blackburn
One of the most misunderstood teachings of the Catholic Church is this one: "Outside the Church there is no salvation" (Extra ecclesiam nulla...
Michael Schrauzer
Grotesque Old Woman (1513) by Quentin Massys. Located in the National Gallery, London, England. Well, now. If having a "pleasing personality"...