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Tim Staples
Catholics and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), the Mormons, can agree on one very important principle. Both...
Isaiah Bennett
Mormonism believes not in one God, but in countless gods. This is not widely advertised by Mormons -- and with good reason.
Isaiah Bennett
Unlike most Catholics, Latter-Day Saints spend far more than forty-five minutes at church on Sunday. Can we learn from them?
Isaiah Bennett
A former Mormon celebrity describes how good Mormons receive their "endowments" in a special temple ceremony.
Isaiah Bennett
Even most Mormons have never been inside a Mormon temple. Here's what goes on there, from a former Mormon (who was a former Catholic and is now...
Mark P. Shea
Protestants have a problem with private judgment. So do Mormons. In fact, Protestants and Mormons have the same problem.
David Washburn
Elder Hawkins grinned as he approached the door. He and Sister Sarah had placed the Book of Mormon in four homes already this morning, and it...