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9/11 abortion abortion debate abuse scandal accuracy of Scripture Adam and Eve Advent agnosticism All Hallows' Eve altar bread anger Anglican Church Anglo-Catholicism annulment annulments anointing of the sick anti-Catholic anti-Catholic apologetics anti-catholicism Apocalypse apologetic methodology apologetical pride apologetics apologists apostasy apostle apostolate apostolic Church apostolic succession apostolic tradition apparition Aramaic Archbishop Lefebvre argument Arianism Ark of the Covenant Astronomy atheism Augustine's Confessions authority Babylon Babylon Mystery Religion bad language baptism baptism and Scripture baptismal regeneration Baptist church beautiful churches beauty Benedict XVI Bible Bible Christian Bible Study Bible, Biblical Interpretation Biblical Scholarship biblical skepticism bioethics birth control bishop bishops Blessed Mother Book of Mormon Book of Revelation born again Buddhism Byzantine rite C. S. Lewis Caesarea Philippi cafeteria catholic call to evangelize calling priests father canon law Canon of Scripture canonization capital punishment cardinal Cardinal Bevilacqua cardinal virtues catechesis Catechism of the Catholic Church catholic Catholic Answers cruise Catholic apologetics Catholic art Catholic books catholic church Catholic communion Catholic culture Catholic Evidence Guild Catholic horror stories catholic marriage Catholic myths Catholic organizations Catholic publishing catholic schools Catholic Social teaching Catholic urban legends Catholic view of marriage Catholicism in America causality celibacy Chair of Peter charity charity, faith chastity chesterton Chick Tracts children Chinese martyrs Christ's divinity Christian judicial victories Christmas christology Church Architecture Church clothes Church Councils church environment Church History church in Canada Church of Christ Church of England citing Bible verses cloning closed communion clothing Code of Canon Law cohabitation commandments communication Communion and Liberation communion of saints concupiscence confessing to a priest confession conscience consecration conspiracy theories contemplation contraception contrition conversation conversion convert cooperation in evil corporal works of mercy corrupt hierarchy Council of Chalcedon Council of Nicea court cases creation Cross crucifix crucifixion cults culture Culture of Death Culture of Life cursing Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Darwin deacons death death of family death penalty debate defending the faith definition of the word Catholic deuterocanonical deuterocanonicals development of doctrine devotion to Mary devotions dialogue Dispensationalism dissent Divine Mercy divinity of christ divorce docility doctrine dogma Dominus Iesus Donatism door to door evangelization double predestination Doubting Thomas early Church Easter Eastern religions Eastern rites ecclesiology ecumenism education efficacious sign efficacy of God's love encounter with Christ End Times English Lectionary for Mass environmentalism Episcopal church Eucharist euthanasia Evangelical Evangelical apologetics evangelist Evangelium Vitae evangelization evangelizing Jehovah's Witnesses Evangelizing Muslims evangelizing teens evolution excommunication exegesis extraordinary form faith faith and science fallen-away Catholics family fatherhood feasts feminine genius feminine spirituality Fetus Fides et Ratio forgive forgiveness forgiveness of sins formation of deacons fortitude foster father of Jesus Fr. Gobbi Fr. Joseph Fessio Fr. Richard McBrien Frank Sheed free will freedom frozen embryos Fundamentalism fundamentalist G.K. Chesterton Galileo gay priests gay rights gender differences gender-neutral language genuflecting Gnosticism God God-bearer Gospel grace Grand Canyon graven images great popes Halloween, Neo-Pagan, Samhain, All Hallow's Eve Hans Urs von Balthasar hate health Healthcare heaven Hebrew Catholic hell Heresy hierarchy Hilaire Belloc Hinduism Hispanic Catholics historic Christianity history history of Scripture Hitler's Pope holiness Holy Mother Church homeschooling homosexual agenda homosexual marriage homosexuality hope hospitality how to be an apologist how to evangelize how to pray human dignity humility humor ICEL idolatry immigration immodesty in vitro fertilization inclusive language indissolubility of marriage individualism indulgences infallibility infant baptism infertility intercessory prayer intrinsic evil invalid marriage invincible ignorance Islam Jabneh Jack Chick James ossuary james white jehovah's witnesses Jehovahs Witness Jesus Jesus Christ Jewish canon Jewish roots of Catholicism Johannes Greber John Calvin John Cardinal Newman John Paul II Josef Pieper Joseph Pearce Joseph Smith Judaism judging just war Karol Wojtyla Kepha Kingdom of God laity language lapsed Catholics Latter-Day Saints laws of nature lay movements LDS leadership Left Behind legal abortion legalism liberal Catholicism limbo liturgical abuse liturgical calendar liturgical reform liturgical symbolism liturgy Liturgy of the Word living in sin living simply love Lumen Gentium Luminous mysteries lying magisterium Marian Devotion Marian Movement of Priests mariology marriage marriage preparation married life Martin Luther martyr martyrs Mary Mary Magdalene Mary Mother of God masculine spirituality Mass materialism Maurice Blondel media medical ethics mercy Merit ministry ministry to the poor miracle miracles miracles, proof of faith, Lourdes, Gemma di Giorgio, Padre Pio, Healing missing Mass mission missionary Monophysitism monothelitism moral charity moral relativism morality Mormon mormonism mortification Mother of God motherhood muslims mystagogy Mystical Body of Christ Mysticism natural family planning natural law Nestorianism New Age New Covenant new evangelization New Mass New Testament New Testament priesthood, confession, ministerial priesthood, infallibility, John 20:21-23 NFP Nicene Creed Nietzsche no salvation outside the church Noli me tangere nominalism non-Catholic Notre Dame de Paris Novus Ordo obedience in marriage objective truth occult Old Covenant fulfilled Old Testament one holy catholic apostolic one true Church one true God opulent churches Opus Dei ordinary form ordination of women original sin Orthodox churches orthodoxy other rites paganism papacy papal authority papal infallibility papal primacy parables parenting parish life patriotism patron saints peace pedophilia Pelagianism perfection permanent diaconate perpetual virginity persecution person from conception personal responsibility personal vocation Peter the Rock pew warmers philosophy Pius XII pluralism poetry politics pope Pope Honorius Pope Pius IX Pope Pius XII Pope St. Gregory the Great Pope St. Leo the Great Pope St. Nicholas the Great Pope St. Nicholas V poverty power of prayer prayer Praying to Saints pride priest priest scandal priesthood Primacy of Peter primitivist prison evangelization prisons Private Interpretation Pro-Choice pro-life arguments proof of the supernatural proof-text propaganda prostitution Protestant Protestant apologetics Protestant radio Protestant Reformation Protestant vs Catholic Protestantism prudence psychic psychology public library purgatory quiz racism rapture reading the Bible Real Presence receiving communion reconciliation Redemption redemptive suffering redesign Regnum Christi reincarnation reincarnation in the Bible relativism Relativism, Truth, Morality Religious Life religious movements religious orders repentance responsible parenthood revelation reversion Roman Catholic Books Ronald Knox rosary rubrics rules sacramental grace sacramental matter sacramental theology sacraments sacred art sacred music Sacred Scripture Sacred Tradition sacrifice sacrifice of the Mass Saint Austin Review saints salvation same-sex attraction Satan saving Western culture scandal schism science scientific proof Scriptural arguments for the real presence Scriptural basis for purgatory Scriptural interpretation Scripture Scripture and Tradition Scrupulosity secular culture secular humanism secularism self-gift senses of Scripture separated brethren service sexual abuse sexual ethics sexual exploitation sexual identity sexual immorality sexuality sign of the cross sin single vocation Sirach slavery social justice sola fide sola scriptura sola scriptura, tradition, Bible alone, Protestantism, Catholic Church, Catholic soul spiritual direction spiritual headship spiritual life spiritualism spirituality SSPX St. Augustine St. James St. John the Evangelist St. Joseph St. Mary Magdalen St. Paul St. Peter St. Thomas Aquinas St. Thomas More stem cells stewardship street evangelists subsidiarity suffering Sunday Obligation supernatural superstition swearing symbol teens television temptation ten commandments terminology Terri Schiavo the Church in England the church in Jamaica The Da Vinci Code The Mass The Middle Ages The Passion of the Christ the poor The Purpose-Driven Life The world theological principles Theological Virtues theology theology of the body theotokos This Rock tithe tolerance torture Tradition Traditionalism translating the Bible translation of the Mass true church truth types typology U.S. Catholic United States Conference of Catholic Bishops universal call to holiness vain repetition, Rosary, Catholic prayer, prayer, Matt. 6:7 valid consecration Vatican Vatican II Veritatis Splendor victimhood violence virginity virtue vocations voting for pro-choice politicians war Watchtower Bible and Tract Society wealth western civilization Western decline when life begins Whore of Babylon William Tyndale wisdom witness women women and the Church wonder works and salvation world peace World War II World Youth Day worship Young earth young people youth youth ministry
Russell Shaw
Media is more effective when it entertains and when it appeals to people’s emotions.The great temptations in journalism are to sink to the...
Patrick Madrid
Just as we ask our friends on earth to pray for us, we should ask our friends in heaven also. The Bible doesn’t support a "me and Jesus"...
Karl Keating
For some, breaking away from the Church may be the first step to becoming a good Catholic. From 2001.
Mark Brumley
If an outrageous assertion gets repeated enough times, people will begin to believe it. How to counter the unhistorical and unbiblical claim...
Alice von Hildebrand
We like to think that we won World War II, but can we really claim to be victors, given that we ended up adopting Nazi morality? From 1997.
Russell L. Ford
So, you think it’s hard to be an apologist in your neighborhood? A catechist’s account from behind bars. From 1992.
Fr. Ray Ryland
What authority did Jesus give to Peter himself? How to understand the difference between the Catholic and Orthodox positions. From 1997.
Steve Ray
Why do Catholics call Mary the Ark of the New Covenant? Take a journey through the Old and New Testaments to explore biblical typology. From...
Joanna Bogle
Some Catholics think the situation in the Church today is too dire to concentrate on anything but the problems. But we need to be joyful, even...
Mark P. Shea
An infernal e-mail reveals what devils may think about sins of the flesh. From 2000.