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Fr. Frank Pavone
For more than 30 years, we’ve been hearing that overpopulation is one of the biggest threats to the human race. For almost as long, this “...
Matthew E. Bunson
The first documented case of HIV/AIDS in Uganda occurred in 1982. From that small but ominous beginning, the curse of AIDS soon engulfed the...
Fr. Frank Pavone
The 2007 Supreme Court ruling Gonzales vs. Carhart was a major victory for infants in the womb. More and more people are speaking out on behalf...
Leon J. Suprenant
Ever heard someone called a “a social-justice Catholic”? Misnomer or not, the term implies an adherence to political ideology over Christian...
Fr. Brian Harrison O.S.
Some rigorist Catholics attack the stance of the post-Vatican Church regarding natural family planning, charging it is really another form of...
Karen Edmisten
Why didn't John Calvin see the conflict between his condemnation of contraception and his idea of double predestination?
Msgr. Vincent Foy
Can the entrenched culture of death be overcome? A new look at the book of Jonah may reveal the hopeful answer.
Christopher Kaczor
How should you reply to the standard attacks against the Catholic position on marital love?