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Jim Blackburn
The Catholic Church teaches that the sacrament of baptism is necessary: “Baptism is birth into the new life in Christ. In accordance with the...
Matt Fradd
If you frequent websites such as YouTube or Facebook, you’ve probably read the exchanges that take place on these forums. Sometimes they are...
Bruce Sullivan
"Primitivist" churches assert that if it isn't in the Bible, it isn't true—oh, except this assertion cannot be found in the Bible.
Tim Staples
The fact that God works physical miracles can be a powerful apologetic tool.
Jim Blackburn
One man’s journey to a new career may offer encouragement to budding apologists.
Jon Sorensen
The opportunities are rife, but so are the pitfalls. Here are some tips for the cyber apologist.
Mark Brumley
Faith inevitably involves a personal relationship between the believer and the one believed.
Karlo Broussard
Catholics are indeed Bible Christians—and perhaps nothing exemplifies this more than the Mass.
Anthony E. Clark
Hinduism teaches that all religions are different paths to the same end—but this assertion is not only irrational; it’s untruthful.
Matt Fradd
A chance conversation about faith on an airplane flight offers a dandy opportunity to employ a 2,400-year-old teaching strategy.