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Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Some Christians claim that Baptism is not necessary for salvation, that it is an empty ritual symbolizing the inner conversion that has already...
Robert G. Schroeder
Protestants often ask why Catholics confess their sins to a priest. The answer is that Jesus gave the Church a unique role in his ministry of...
Alberto Ferreiro
The Confessions have long been a favorite book of spiritual writing among Evangelicals. What is Augustine’s appeal to Protestants? Discover the...
Karl Keating
Tips on how to use Cardinal Newman's apologetic techniques when talking with today's Evangelicals.
Mark P. Shea
A former Evangelical guides Evangelicals (and Catholics) through one of the most confusing terms in theology.
Jack Taylor
Do Evangelicals practice early Christianity? Not as it was known by the early Christians.
Mark P. Shea
Many Protestants say "sin is sin" -- all sins are the same in God's sight, and the Catholic Church is wrong to divide sins into mortal and...
Fr. Ray Ryland
A priest experienced in ecumenical dialogues finds in this document something missing from all the others.
Howard Charest
The best-known parachurch organization working on campuses had humble beginnings but is a big success. A former member explains its strengths...