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Karl Keating
For some, breaking away from the Church may be the first step to becoming a good Catholic. From 2001.
Fr. Dwight Longenecker
What, exactly, are unbelievers—or non-Catholic Christians, for that matter—to make of the sun spinning and dancing over a Portuguese field? Or...
Michael E. Daniel
Some Catholics have been led to believe that the new order of the Mass is invalid. Have modern modifications to the words of consecration...
Mark P. Shea
Would you object to taking off your shoes in a Japanese restaurant? The author ponders some Catholics' objection to limiting Communion to...
David P. Lang
The Church's doctrine allowing only wheat flour as valid matter for composing altar bread can be vindicated on the basis of Scripture.
Fr. Frank Pavone
In the debate over abortion, the devil mocks God by putting Christ's own words into the mouths of those bent on selfishness to the death.
Carl Olson
Fundamentalism falls into the category of "nothing new under the sun." The author traces its roots of dissent in the heresies of the Church.
Jason Shanks
To this day many Christians refuse to take Christ literally regarding the Eucharist. But what else could he have meant?
Fr. Remi J. Payant
...than to say to the Lord of creation, "I don't believe you"?
Edwina Conason
Is there unanimity of teaching in the Church of England on Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist? The answer probably won't surprise you.