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Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Some Christians claim that Baptism is not necessary for salvation, that it is an empty ritual symbolizing the inner conversion that has already...
John Martignoni
Non-Catholics don’t care what the pope or the Catechism says. So here’s how to explain, from the Bible, Catholic teaching on original sin in...
Alex Jones
Being “born again” doesn’t mean simply accepting Christ as your personal Lord and Savior—at least not according to the Bible. You need to be...
Jason Shanks
Answers to objections about the sacrament of confession.
Terry J. Svik
A biblical explanation of infant baptism.
Fr. Adrian M. Figuerola Pijoan
It is a shame that some parents wish to have their babies baptized, yet remain ignorant of the faith they are supposed to teach their children.
Joanna Bogle
Yes, you can explain the sacrament of confession to non-Catholics, if you approach the topic in the right way. You also can convince lukewarm...