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Kenneth D. Whitehead
Who was John Vianney, and why is he patron of the Year for Priests? Fr. Vianney was sent to Ars in part because he barely qualified for the...
Christopher Kaczor
In our cultural milieu, sexual activity is a healthy, normative part of life: ergo, celibacy must be at the root of sex abuse by priests. (...
Mark P. Shea
The celibacy of the Catholic priesthood is a sign of great contradiction in our time. Our culture stares at it in blank incomprehension, and on...
Russell Shaw
Unfortunately, many Catholics think only priests and nuns have vocations. The truth is that God calls each of us by name, asking us to fulfill...
Tim Staples
You can demonstrate that the apostles, elders, and bishops of the New Testament functioned as a ministerial priesthood. If it walks like a duck...
Mark P. Shea
There is a difference between rights and gifts, and the gift of priesthood does not translate to a right for anyone to be ordained.
Joanna Bogle
The persistent dispute about woman's ordination will have one inescapable result: the perfection of the Church's teaching that women can't be...
Julie A. Ferraro
Religious orders don't get renewed by throwing out obedience. That's the oldest mistake in the world: "Non serviam."
Karl Keating
He was a long-time confidant, a spiritual father, an indefatigable priest.
Michael J. Tortolani
A professor of theology tackles eleven propositions commonly advanced in favor of women's ordination, and he shows that they just don't work.