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John Henry Crosby
Philosophy often has denigrated the role of the emotions in human life, lumping them with the bodily passions and emotional states. But the...
Michelle Arnold
How does Pope John Paul II’s promulgation of new mysteries for the rosary affect this most popular of private devotions?
Mary Beth Kremski
A side-by-side comparison of the movement’s explanations of the last things with the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Douglas Bushman
Divine love isn’t some abstract theological concept: it effects an actual change in us. But we have to be willing to receive it.
Fr. Jesmond Micallef O.F.M.
Prayerful meditation on holy icons can assist your spiritual life.
Brenda Morrow
Ever feel like you're so unworthy that God's just going to give up on you? Already given up on yourself? Well, no one was more unworthy than...
Sr. Elissa Adams
You keep your date waiting, you fill the car trip with mindless chatter, you dance with everyone but him - how long can you put off explaining...
Ellen Wilson Fielding
Apparitions contain not codes to be cracked but love to be distributed. If we have docile hearts and open minds, we can learn from them, as...
Kevin Orlin Johnson Ph.D.
Many Catholics are confused about private apparitions. Some even have refashioned their faith around them. Here's the scoop on these phenomenal...
Fr. Mark Slatter
Private revelations are popping up everywhere. There's a hunger for knowledge of the future -- but that may not be the kind of hunger one...